Is that a kit home? Known as catalogs or house orders made with pre-cut or assembled materials, only you can make a part of it with the property you have. Initially, home building kits appeared in North America in the 20th century that were very popular. It was still quite popular as a small footprint with a structure ranging from 60 feet to 1000 square feet.

The kits are used as an expanded area to build as a whole, starting from materials and instructions in small to large house boot for contemporary and traditional types as an attractive alternative for homebuyers to help you achieve your big dreams.

Home Building Kits

Find out the home building kits that are still sought after these days with several different types, here is an explanation.

1. Efficient Kit Homes

First, our home is efficient by a contemporary design using premium materials with sustainable development practices. They can use it using recycling techniques. So, they make it using construction waste materials, so they save a little. Add with a tight seal, insulation, and heating systems.

Efficient kit homes are usually made with wooden cabins and hybrid home gardens as a weekend getaway. The house was built with four rooms using 174 square feet using a foyer outside the double doors with a study area using the window to floor slender ceilings.

2. Circular Kit Homes

Next, there is also a circular kit house with a circular spatial plan of 360 ° as a Deltec holes house, which produces a unique life structure for adaptation that lasts for a long time. This circular kit house has a circular design that doesn’t have walls that hold the load so that the floor plan can be adjusted according to your order.

This building is unique because it was formed in pieces using a construction system with panels that can be adjusted to the construction for you who first built a house.

3. Allwood: Avalon

Allwood Avalon is also one type of home building kits made of multipurpose wooden bungalows with a covered patio design using built in to create an ideal guest house or better known as a minimalist primary home. Well, Allwood has an attic with a total of 240 square feet for rooms, 540 square feet as the ground floor area to be configured as a creative way such as the shape of the living room, two rooms, kitchen, and three large rooms.

4. Arlanda XL

Arlanda XL is also one of the home building kits with clean lines from vertical wooden panels, flat studio roofs, and full-sized windows. Although small in size but can be made with a capacity of 7 square feet that can be filled with natural light to add walls or pipes, then allocate 44 square feet as a design for the bathroom and bedroom.

That’s some home building kits that can inspire you to create your first home design.