green homes

More and more businesses are adopting environmentally friendly practices in their places of work and homes. Real estate agents should also follow suit and adopt the sale of green homes. Going green is beneficial not only to their businesses but also to the environment.

Influencing Others

Agents must promote the green agenda to everyone they interact with and earn the ins and out of the initiative to answer any questions people might be having. When more agents and citizens adopt green, the more the environment will improve.

Going Green

There are various day-to-day activities Aubrey Ferrao can do to become more environmentally friendly. For instance, an agent can walk, cycle or invest in an electric or hybrid vehicle for transportation. Investing in eco-friendly green buildings is also another way to support the go green initiative.

Get Knowledge of Green Initiative

An agent should take advantage of the government’s tax credits and initiatives. The common initiatives are rebates for purchasing LED light bulbs and installing solar panels in the building. 

Take Climate Actions

Real estate agents should be at the forefront to support an environmentally friendly country. They should fight for how energy efficiency is certified and assessed in buildings. Through such moves, agents can motivate other sectors to fight for a green country.

Choose Smarter Technology

Most real estates have adopted the use of low-energy apparatus such as kitchen gear and other house appliances. The use of LED lighting and sun-oriented PV have lessened emissions, thus preserving the environment. Another way to become environmentally friendly is to use ACH payment methods instead of paper checks.

Highlight Green Features While Marketing

Agents should include home-efficient features in their property descriptions. For example, a listing should show if a condo is LEED-certified or the house has large insulated windows to pass in natural light and prevent energy loss. Through this, the Fiddler’s Creek golf Aubrey Ferraro will be promoting green use.

Get Certified

Agents should get certified by bodies such as Eco Broker. The body offers online programs to real estate agents on green financing, water quality, and energy efficiency. Once approved, an agent should include that achievement in their websites and social media accounts.

Most clients go for eco-friendly homes. So, agents need to learn more about the green initiative to remain relevant in their businesses. They should also get certified and adopt the use of smarter technologies to help clients save on energy.