Gutter guards are a home or business add-on to existing gutters, and are rising in popularity such that they are expected to be a $746 million dollar market by 2025. More and more home and business owners alike are using them in order to decrease the number of cleanings, and implement more safety in the home. 

But for many, the question remains, should you do-it-yourself (DIY), or should you hire experts such as Gutter Guards Huntsville Alabama. There are experts such as this all over the country. In the end, it’s entirely up to you. Learn more about how to make this choice right here.

Cost of Gutter Guards

When you are performing a home or business renovation, the cost is always on your mind. Gutter guards are no different. There are a number of different kinds of gutter guards. You may be tempted to go for a nicer one, and DIY to avoid professional costs.

What you’ll have to keep in mind here is the cost of all aspects of the DIY project. You have to factor in the time it takes to install the gutter guards, the cost of the guards, and also any tools or additional resources you will need to install the gutter guards.

The end results in time and costs may amount to the same amount as a professional, or even more.

Size of the Building

Another key factor in determining whether or not you should hire someone, or DIY, is the size of your home or business. Is your home or business one or two stories? A one-story building may be easier to install gutter guards on. A two-story building is often out of reach for the average do-it-yourselfer. Here you have to also factor in the costs of danger to the job.

You have a home or business insurance that will cover liabilities for contractors, who will also be insured. When you are paying someone else to do it, you are also paying for someone to assume the risk of that danger. The size of your building will play a significant role here.

Know Your Pitch

You may be inclined to get the best kind of gutter guard if you think you will save on expert costs. Know what kind of gutter guard is best for your home first. The pitch of your roof, surrounding elements such as trees or bushes, and other factors of your roof will play a role in what gutter guard you will get. 

An expert will be able to help you with this. This is not a job you want to outsource a few months down the road after the first storm since you got your new guards. You’ll pay for the job twice then.

Get a Quote

It is ultimately up to you whether you DIY or hires a professional to get your new gutter guards. Consult with experts such as those at Gutter Guards Huntsville Alabama, or elsewhere in the nation, because it will never hurt to just get a quote. You might be surprised at the cost after you crunch your own set of numbers on tools, resources, and expert advice.

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