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Home Garden Flowers

home garden flowers

The garden is one of the attractions to make your house look more beautiful and attractive, variations of Home Garden Flowers are now quite a lot so you can choose outdoor plants to apply the concept of the garden to be made. To make the nuances more beautiful and enchanting, choose a variety of right flower plants. It is quite a lot, the type of outdoor plants that you can decide to make your garden design concept memorable, more beautiful.

Choosing a flowering plant that is suitable for your plants’ concept, of course, is not of origin to decide to make the garden feel more lively.

Home Garden Outdoor Flowers

What plants are recommended for making memorable Home Garden Flowers more alive with colorful flower shades? Let’s find out below.

1. Geraniums

Geranium flowers are outdoor ornamental plants that have colorful flowers whose fragrance is very fragrant. This flower is very suitable to beautify the garden in your house because it can adapt to hot weather. Not only is the flower’s color beautiful, it turns out that this one ornamental flower can also be used as a mosquito repellent.

Of course, this ornamental flower will not quickly wither; it’s just that it still needs a way to water the plants regularly.

2. Gaillardia flowers

Next, Gaillardia flowers are also recommended for outdoor ornamental plants that are almost sent with sunflowers. Flowers with bright yellow will make your garden look colorful.

Moreover, when exposed to the hot sun, Gaillardia flowers do not quickly wither, so it is recommended to decorate your home garden.

3. Euphorbia flowers

Euphorbia flowers also become one of the Home Garden Flowers, outdoor ornamental plants that have very varied colors ranging from green, purple, red, and brown. This flowering plant has thorns that make it survive in shades of heat; besides that, the flowers can survive in hot weather, so it does not quickly wither.

Make sure you still have to water the flowers regularly every day, so the flowers look fresher.

4. Paper Flowers

Paper flowers or often known as Bougenville flowers that can become decorative plants with a very varied color for ornamental plants. The small leaves will make the plant look more beautiful and attractive.

The flowers do not wither quickly, but if they are exposed to the sun’s sharp sting, they can fade within four days. Therefore, please do not put it in a garden location that is directly exposed to sun exposure.

Those are some types of Home Garden Flowers that will beautify and make the nuances around the house more lively and cool. Home Garden Flowers

In-Home Garden Ideas

Home Garden Ideas

Nowadays, the trend of cultivating in home garden ideas is very liked by the community so that the level of creativity and innovation is also higher. Therefore, the garden model in the house will continue to develop with attractive models that can inspire others.

Its beauty is indeed a significant factor that will support a fresher indoor feel by adding beautiful plants in various color variants and shapes that fit.

Indoor Garden Design

Some garden design inspiration in this house will make your house have a more beautiful and relaxed view so that it makes us feel at home.

1. Small Park Near the Yard

First, inspiration in home garden ideas is to put the garden in the first room close to the yard. Don’t have a large yard? You place some of the plants near the balcony so that the supply of sunlight stays in your small garden.

Providing a boundary between the indoor garden and home page will make your garden look more extensive. Using the yard will make your house fresher, far from pollution. You can also use a compilation of plants, namely Areca palm, Sansevieria, and vines such as Philodendron and Devil’s ivy.

2. Hanging Gardens

If you have a narrow room, then create a hanging garden that will give a unique impression compared to other people’s parks. Hanging gardens are arranged by hanging transparent pots on a twig that will help you produce a charming, boho-chic feel.

Besides being unique and attractive, it turns out that the hanging garden will make you more efficient using a large area of ​​the yard. It’s just that you have to make the right arrangement not to give a narrow impression.

3. Garden in the Hallway of the House

It is even more interesting if you make a garden in the house’s hallway so that it will help you have a balance in the house with a dark green color that seems to give the impression of classic and vintage with additional teak wood motifs that make the room look more charming.

The thing to note is that you need to maintain the humidity of the air so as not to cause too much moss.

4. Small Park on Stair Railing

You can also create a small garden on Railing Stairs by giving a unique impression that adds a beautiful touch to a minimalist home without giving the impression of pale. The green color of the plant will make the interior design of your home look more lively, which impresses fresh and beautiful shades.

To beautify it, use the pot as a planting medium, but fertile soil located between the floors of the house. Perfect for minimalist residences that do not have a lot of furniture in the house.

Those are some inspirations in home garden ideas that will make your home have an attractive design with crisp and refreshing nuances with the beauty of the plants.

Home Building Kits

Is that a kit home? Known as catalogs or house orders made with pre-cut or assembled materials, only you can make a part of it with the property you have. Initially, home building kits appeared in North America in the 20th century that were very popular. It was still quite popular as a small footprint with a structure ranging from 60 feet to 1000 square feet.

The kits are used as an expanded area to build as a whole, starting from materials and instructions in small to large house boot for contemporary and traditional types as an attractive alternative for homebuyers to help you achieve your big dreams.

Home Building Kits

Find out the home building kits that are still sought after these days with several different types, here is an explanation.

1. Efficient Kit Homes

First, our home is efficient by a contemporary design using premium materials with sustainable development practices. They can use it using recycling techniques. So, they make it using construction waste materials, so they save a little. Add with a tight seal, insulation, and heating systems.

Efficient kit homes are usually made with wooden cabins and hybrid home gardens as a weekend getaway. The house was built with four rooms using 174 square feet using a foyer outside the double doors with a study area using the window to floor slender ceilings.

2. Circular Kit Homes

Next, there is also a circular kit house with a circular spatial plan of 360 ° as a Deltec holes house, which produces a unique life structure for adaptation that lasts for a long time. This circular kit house has a circular design that doesn’t have walls that hold the load so that the floor plan can be adjusted according to your order.

This building is unique because it was formed in pieces using a construction system with panels that can be adjusted to the construction for you who first built a house.

3. Allwood: Avalon

Allwood Avalon is also one type of home building kits made of multipurpose wooden bungalows with a covered patio design using built in to create an ideal guest house or better known as a minimalist primary home. Well, Allwood has an attic with a total of 240 square feet for rooms, 540 square feet as the ground floor area to be configured as a creative way such as the shape of the living room, two rooms, kitchen, and three large rooms.

4. Arlanda XL

Arlanda XL is also one of the home building kits with clean lines from vertical wooden panels, flat studio roofs, and full-sized windows. Although small in size but can be made with a capacity of 7 square feet that can be filled with natural light to add walls or pipes, then allocate 44 square feet as a design for the bathroom and bedroom.

That’s some home building kits that can inspire you to create your first home design.

Home Improvement Stores

There are home improvement stores that already have complete equipment

Did you know of any home improvement stores that are already popular with the public, such as Home Depot, Lowes, or Menards? The store has a variety of building equipment and supplies that are loved by many people. Repairing the house certainly helps you to have a comfortable, modern, and sturdy home.

What you don’t like will help you choose the right store improvement to help you have a house with a design you want.

The Best Home Improvement Store

You can choose some of the best home improvement stores to change your home to be more comfortable and modern, let’s find out below.

1. Menards

Menards have several stores that are not too many but can survive against other stores with a lot of numbers such as The Homes and The Home Depot. Be aware that Menards is the number two best store in the United States in 2017 with 1000 customer satisfaction points.

It turns out that customer satisfaction to the Menards repair industry is based on low prices through special offers and price discounts so that it benefits many consumers.

The Improvement store Menards also sell mattresses, food, and various products that you can use to protect renovations with items that are already available.

2. Home depot

Know that Home Depot has the top ranking as a popular home improvement store in the United States. This shop is famous for selling various products and construction equipment with a very professional service offer.

As a retail store, it turns out that home depot offers its customers professionally by redesigning, general contracting, and small business owners to influence sales growth.

3. Lowe Home Improvement

There is also a Lowe’s home improvement store that is quite popular by having a trusted professional level. Some of the sales made at the pro contractor are in the form of maintenance, repairs, and operations.

This shop has a large selection of products with good quality. In addition to the products, you can also serve contractors and buyers through contractor packages at low prices, even high discounts for nail products, coaxial cables, cable materials, and putty.

4. BMC

To improve the house needs the services of professionals with products that are also of good quality. BMS is one of the high home improvement stores. Known as a building material shop and construction services selling various building products such as wood, building materials, doors, windows, ceramics, etc.

As a retail store, BMC can also market paint specialists and construction services with various professional employees.

Choose home improvement stores that are trusted with professional services to help you have a comfortable home with a modern design.