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3 Bold Ideas for Your Basement Renovation

Game Room

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Your basement could stay a dark, cobweb-filled storage space, or you could make it into the coolest room in your home. All rules are off when it comes to the basement. Unlike kitchens and living rooms, basements are made to be a little less functional and a lot more fun. If you want an awe-inspiring space that will attract neighbors near and far, then check out these bold basement ideas.

Game Room of Your Dreams

If you love games, then maybe you want to turn your basement into a game room. No game room is complete without billiards Rapid City SD and darts. Take your design up a notch by also incorporating something unexpected like bubble hockey or arcade games. For large basements, a two-lane bowling alley will give you and your friends hours of entertainment. You can even include a small bar and snack area.

The Best Playroom Ever

Families with children may want their basement to be a play area. Children love to role play, so give them a place to set their imagination free. Pick a theme and go with it. If they love to play pirates, then find an old boat that they can play in. Paint the basement walls to look like the outdoors. If they like to play house, then build a porch coming out from the wall and place some rocking chairs in front of it. There is something magical about bringing large unexpected items indoors.

Inspiring Studio Space

Artists and musicians need a lot of space for their equipment, so maybe you are hoping to turn your basement into a studio. This will give you the privacy and space to let those creative juices flow. For artists, lighting will be key. Add windows and exterior doors if you can. Musicians will want to add soundproofing to the space and lots of comfortable furniture for all their adoring fans. Art and instruments both look great hung on walls. Lastly, be sure to add creative storage solutions like lockers, used crates or antique suitcases.

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4 Tips To Prevent Serious Fires in Your Commercial Building

Prevent Serious Fires

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Few other disasters can damage your property as quickly and extensively as an uncontrolled fire. For this reason, it’s important to do what you can to reduce the risk of fire in your building. Consider a few ways you can help keep yourself, others and your possessions safe.

1. Keep Safety Equipment Up to Code

There are several different types of fire safety equipment that are essential investments for your building. For example, be sure to find a reliable company that handles installation of fire sprinklers San Diego CA and can regularly check to ensure they are functioning properly. Other critical devices include fire extinguishers and smoke alarms. Remember that this equipment is required by law; it is not merely suggested.

2. Address Electrical Problems

Faulty electrical wiring is a common cause of fires. Be sure to seek the help of a professional electrician if you notice electrical hazards such as an outlet that is loose, sparking or warm to the touch. Additionally, avoid using any electronics with exposed wires or overloading a single outlets.

3. Take Precautions When Cooking

If your building includes a food preparation area, be sure to set up certain safety protocols. For instance, it’s vital that paper, cloth and other flammable materials are not placed near stoves, toasters or other appliances. Additionally, be sure to train cooks to effectively extinguish grease fires.

4. Designate Smoking Areas

Finally, setting aside a specific space for people to smoke may be a good idea. This way, you can provide safe ways to dispose of cigarettes and keep the area clear of flammable materials.

While taking fire prevention measures cannot completely ensure you will never experience a fire, it certainly reduces the risk. Consider making a few slight changes to the routines and protocols people follow within your building so you can continue going about your usual activities as safely as possible. 

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4 Fire Hydrant Safety Tips

Fire Hydrant

Fire hydrants play an important role in fire safety. However, it is critical to utilize them properly. If you are responsible for a fire hydrant, consider these four safety tips.

1. Make Sure It Works

A fire hydrant that doesn’t work correctly when you need it is worse than no hydrant at all because whoever is trying to use it will end up wasting time before having to find some other water source. You should regularly have a company that does testing fire hydrants California inspect and test your hydrants so you can get any problems fixed before you need to use the hydrant. Your local fire code may require you to have testing done, so if you are unsure, consult with your local fire department. 

2. Secure a Permit

Almost all cities require a permit to legally use a fire hydrant. This is to prevent hydrants from being used for purposes the city does not approve of. To obtain a permit, apply through your city government or local water authority. It may take some time to get approved, so apply early enough that you will have your permit in place before you need to use the hydrant.

3. Learn How To Open and Close Your Hydrant

Use a tool specifically intended for opening fire hydrants. The valves usually turn counterclockwise to open and should be turned slowly and opened completely. Partially opening the valve can damage the hydrant and cause injuries to the person opening it. 

To close the hydrant, turn the socket on the hydrant clockwise. Close the hydrant slowly and completely. When you have finished closing it, observe it for a few minutes afterward to check that the water flow from the hydrant has completely stopped. 

4. Secure the Area Around the Hydrant Before Use

Water can come out of a hydrant at over 100mph. It is important to make sure no one is in the path of the water stream. Rope off the area around the hydrant before you open it so that no one can accidentally come too close. Check the hydrant to ensure it is stable and doesn’t have any loose parts before you begin turning the valve. 

Fire hydrants are expensive and potentially dangerous pieces of equipment. To avoid potential injuries to people or damage to the hydrant or other property in the path of the water, it is important to take proper safety precautions when using fire hydrants. 

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3 Tips for Building a Self-Sustainable Home

Many people see the value in having a self-sustainable homestead where they can continue to live even if a major disaster takes out resources in the area. With the right planning and preparation, you can build a home that can sustain you and your family during any disaster. Use these three tips to get started.

Drill a Well

Water is essential for life and if you don’t have a large body of water nearby, you may not know how you can obtain the liquid without paying for it from your city or county. Before you build your home, invest in well drilling Tampa FL and you will have a sustainable source of water that renews every time it rains.

Use an Alternative Energy Source

If you don’t want to be dependent on the power grid, you need to invest in an alternative energy source. Windmills and solar panels are two great options. While there may be a hefty initial cost to install these energy sources, you will quickly recoup the cost in money you save on your utility bill and if the power grid fails for any reason, you will still be able to power your home.

Have Land for a Garden

You don’t need to have a ton of land to have a self-sustainable home, but you do need a property that is big enough to hold a large garden. Plant seasonal fruits ad vegetables and eat them fresh throughout the spring and summer. Can and freeze excess crops so you have plenty of food in the winter when crops don’t grow.

Creating a self-sustainable home doesn’t have to be difficult but it does require some planning. Use these three tips to build a home that is self-sustainable so you and your family will be taken care of and able to fend for yourselves if you ever encounter a natural disaster.

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