Getting the right bed for your child is just as important as making sure they eat a balanced diet and get enough exercise. A good night’s sleep is vital for healthy growth and back problems later on can easily be avoided by buying a decent mattress.


Age obviously determines where to begin when looking to buy children’s beds; if this is their first time out of the cot, then you may want to get a smaller “starter” bed until they get a bit older. If funds are tight, you could buy a standard single that’s big enough to use right the way through childhood as it’s better to have more room rather not enough.


Older children will have more choice in terms of style including bunks, cabin beds with under-drawer storage and elevated loft beds which allow for play room underneath. This may have to be a compromise between the size of their room and how many toys they have.


The difference between slatted and box spring support in beds is not huge but it may be sensible to go with springs for younger children as they can withstand the inevitable jumping on the bed more effectively.  The main thing here is safety; check that there’s at least five inches between guard rails and mattress height in bunks and loft beds.


In terms of mattresses, there are several good options; innerspring types are among the most supportive while foam might be a little hard for a child. Consider carefully before using hand-me-downs as there may be a risk of dust mites and it is usually advised not to keep a mattress for more than 10 years.

Children’s beds need to allow ample room to grow and they should come with a quality mattress. Of course, all children are different. It’s therefore a good idea to take your child along with you and test out what they find comfortable before buying.