Metal cargo storage containers are extremely versatile items. Though their sometimes homely exterior may be off-putting, their sturdy construction and consistent design make it easy to repurpose them for many uses. Here are a few ideas to try on for size.

1.  Furniture

Old, spent shipping containers often still have sturdy parts that can be used as construction materials. The metal from a shipping container can be easily used to build trendy, industrial-looking furniture, with the added bonus of being exceptionally durable and ready to withstand any environment. 

2. Workshop

A cargo container has just the right amount of interior space to set up a workshop or man cave. Its design makes it easy to close off your mess or hide surprise projects when not in use. You could add windows and doors (if desired) to help add a little light in, or leave the container as-is for a simple project room. Consider adding wiring and mounted lighting to make the space more versatile for this purpose. 

3. Coffee Shop

A container is a great size for a coffee bar or even a small cafe or bistro. With a little bit of creativity and construction additions, you can convert a shipping container into the perfect, eclectic neighborhood cafe. You can even stack several of them on top of one another or side-by-side to make a bit larger space for it. 

4. Animal Housing

Shipping containers are excellent for protecting animals from the elements. The durable materials stand up to frequent cleaning, protect animals easily from the wind and rain and can be adapted to suit nearly any kind of livestock. 

Cargo containers are an excellent choice for a multitude of reasons. Their versatile nature opens them up to a whole host of possibilities, making them a great choice for your next creative project.

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