Fire hydrants play an important role in fire safety. However, it is critical to utilize them properly. If you are responsible for a fire hydrant, consider these four safety tips.

1. Make Sure It Works

A fire hydrant that doesn’t work correctly when you need it is worse than no hydrant at all because whoever is trying to use it will end up wasting time before having to find some other water source. You should regularly have a company that does testing fire hydrants California inspect and test your hydrants so you can get any problems fixed before you need to use the hydrant. Your local fire code may require you to have testing done, so if you are unsure, consult with your local fire department. 

2. Secure a Permit

Almost all cities require a permit to legally use a fire hydrant. This is to prevent hydrants from being used for purposes the city does not approve of. To obtain a permit, apply through your city government or local water authority. It may take some time to get approved, so apply early enough that you will have your permit in place before you need to use the hydrant.

3. Learn How To Open and Close Your Hydrant

Use a tool specifically intended for opening fire hydrants. The valves usually turn counterclockwise to open and should be turned slowly and opened completely. Partially opening the valve can damage the hydrant and cause injuries to the person opening it. 

To close the hydrant, turn the socket on the hydrant clockwise. Close the hydrant slowly and completely. When you have finished closing it, observe it for a few minutes afterward to check that the water flow from the hydrant has completely stopped. 

4. Secure the Area Around the Hydrant Before Use

Water can come out of a hydrant at over 100mph. It is important to make sure no one is in the path of the water stream. Rope off the area around the hydrant before you open it so that no one can accidentally come too close. Check the hydrant to ensure it is stable and doesn’t have any loose parts before you begin turning the valve. 

Fire hydrants are expensive and potentially dangerous pieces of equipment. To avoid potential injuries to people or damage to the hydrant or other property in the path of the water, it is important to take proper safety precautions when using fire hydrants. 

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