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Whether you have been fishing your whole life or are just getting started, you likely know or have found out there are a few things about fishing bass that are sort of in the “unwritten rules” category. These rules span from understanding weather patterns to specific baiting tactics and can make a huge difference in your results. While it would be nice to have all Berkley spinning rods,  you don’t necessarily need to have a lot of more gear to get the job done.

With that, here are 4 tips to catching bass more effectively.

Spring Fishing

You’re going to need to switch up some of your standard fishing habits for springtime fishing because the bass hangs out and spawn during this time of the year. This means that you’ll be concentrating on shallow areas where the water has started to heat up and make a comfortable environment for them to be in.

Cast into coves and pockets are especially still and protected by the wind since they will be there guarding their eggs. Keep trying your luck in the same area if you have a good feeling there is fish in it because most often they will bite out of irritation rather than hunger.

Pick the Right Bait

Having the right bait for the right time of year is crucial to effectively landing bass on a long fishing day. The fish will eat differently based on what is in their environment, which changes with the seasons.

A good rule of thumb is that in the summer their diet mostly consists of shad, so use flashy bright baits. In the early year when it’s still a little chilly, they eat crawfish, so used pink-colored baits.

Watch for Storms

If you happen to notice that a large storm front is moving into your local fishing area, you’ll want to head out and fish as soon as you can. This is not just so that you can get all your fishing in before you are holed up inside. It turns out that when weather fronts move in, the large amounts of pressure associated with the storm will make the bass more active. The worst time to fish is directly after a storm.

Bass fishing is slowly becoming one of the more popular things to do in the U.S. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you long-time anglers out there; if you’re just getting started, these few tips will certainly send you in the right direction. Hopefully, you’ll have more fish on the line this year because of it!

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