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Your basement could stay a dark, cobweb-filled storage space, or you could make it into the coolest room in your home. All rules are off when it comes to the basement. Unlike kitchens and living rooms, basements are made to be a little less functional and a lot more fun. If you want an awe-inspiring space that will attract neighbors near and far, then check out these bold basement ideas.

Game Room of Your Dreams

If you love games, then maybe you want to turn your basement into a game room. No game room is complete without billiards Rapid City SD and darts. Take your design up a notch by also incorporating something unexpected like bubble hockey or arcade games. For large basements, a two-lane bowling alley will give you and your friends hours of entertainment. You can even include a small bar and snack area.

The Best Playroom Ever

Families with children may want their basement to be a play area. Children love to role play, so give them a place to set their imagination free. Pick a theme and go with it. If they love to play pirates, then find an old boat that they can play in. Paint the basement walls to look like the outdoors. If they like to play house, then build a porch coming out from the wall and place some rocking chairs in front of it. There is something magical about bringing large unexpected items indoors.

Inspiring Studio Space

Artists and musicians need a lot of space for their equipment, so maybe you are hoping to turn your basement into a studio. This will give you the privacy and space to let those creative juices flow. For artists, lighting will be key. Add windows and exterior doors if you can. Musicians will want to add soundproofing to the space and lots of comfortable furniture for all their adoring fans. Art and instruments both look great hung on walls. Lastly, be sure to add creative storage solutions like lockers, used crates or antique suitcases.

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